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English Exam Centre - Cambridge English Platinum Authorised Centre

Achieve your English language goals with our exam preparation, courses & flexible test dates at our Cambridge English Exam Centre

ICFE Discontinued: CAE and Linguaskill Replacements

This article covers the end of ICFE Cambridge exam, and its recommended replacements for financial professionals, including CAE and Linguaskill

ILEC Discontinued: Replacements and Alternatives

Discontinued ILEC Cambridge exam, replaced by BEC Higher and CAE, now replaced by Linguaskill or CAE for legal professionals seeking English proficiency


Simplify your    English language    testing The accurate English test with fast results  

BULATS – Language skills for success in business and industry

Find out how BULATS can help you recruit and train employees with English language skills to succeed in business and industry.

Join Our Team and Make a Difference - English Exam Centre

Join our team and help us make a difference! We offer professional development, a collaborative environment, flexibility, and competitive compensation.

About Us - English Exam Centre

We are a Platinum Authorised Centre for Cambridge English exams, operating in Portugal since the beginning of 2014.

Exams and Tests - English Exam Centre

Discover your exam options: IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge & more, with preparation resources and test dates.

English Exam Centre - Contact Us

Need assistance? Contact our friendly staff for help with exams, courses, test dates, and more. We are here for you.

BEC Exams Discontinued: Recommended Replacements Higher/

This article covers the end of BEC Cambridge exams, and their recommended alternatives for business professionals seeking to showcase their English proficiency

Crosswords for English Exam Vocabulary Practice

Enhance your English vocabulary with our crosswords designed for exam candidates. Perfect for practicing language skills and preparing for English exams. Fun and educational

Flashcard Quiz for English Exam Practice

Practice English vocabulary with our flashcard quizzes. Perfect for English Exam Centre candidates preparing for exams. Enhance your language skills efficiently.

Our Mission - English Exam Centre

Empowering students to reach their English language potential through effective exam preparation and support.

Our products - English Exam Centre

Prepare for your Cambridge English Exam with our official exam materials and study guides.

English Exam Centre - Cookies Policy

Learn about the cookies used on our website and how we use them to enhance your browsing experience on our cookies policy page

School Support - English Exam Centre

Empowering schools to improve their students' English proficiency through Cambridge National School Project

Charting the Path to English Mastery: The Cambridge Young Learners Exams Experience

Unlock your child's potential with Cambridge Young Learners English Exams - the gateway to global fluency and opportunities.

Enhance Your English Skills with Test & Train and Train/

Practice, prepare, and succeed with Test & Train. Interactive tests, personalized feedback, and tailored study plans for effective English exam preparation.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) - English Exam Centre

Discover IELTS: Your Path to Global Opportunities. Assess your English proficiency with the world's recognized language test

Test your English - English Exam Centre

Discover your English level and improve your skills with our free diagnostic tests based on Cambridge English assessment

Book your IELTS test Your IELTS/

Official IELTS test centre: Book now, access free prep resources, and expert support. Choose your test date!

Cambridge English for Excellence in International Business

Achieve excellence in international business with Cambridge English Qualifications, trusted by leading employers worldwide

Ask Professor Percival: Your Exam Guide

Meet Professor Percival, your AI assistant for English exams. Navigate resources, get exam information, and enjoy real-time 24/7 support. Start now!

Terms and Conditions - English Exam Centre

Review our policies on refunds, cancellations, appeals, and other important information on our terms and conditions page

IELTS Frequently Asked Questions

Your Ultimate IELTS Guide: Get answers to all your IELTS questions here! From boosting band scores to test formats, our FAQ has the insights you need to succeed.

Step-by-Step Guide to Registering for Your Cambridge English Exam

This guide outlines the three simple steps to follow in order to register for your Cambridge English exam. Whether you're looking to take a general or young lea...

A1 Movers Exam Information: Boost Your Child's English Skills Movers/

Get all the information you need on the A1 Movers exam. Perfect for young learners, this test will assess their English language skills and boost their confidence.

A2 Flyers Exam: Fun and Motivating Test for Young Learners Flyers/

Get information about the A2 Flyers exam for young learners. Boost their English skills with this fun and motivating test.

May The 4th Be With You - Attention, all ranks of the Rebel Alliance

Admiral's call to boost Rebel communication skills with English exams on May 4, 2024. Enroll by March 30th without late fees.

Dates, Fees and Locations

Dates, Fees and Locations All exam dates, fees, formats and locations are stated when you choose your exam , as well as respective Late Entry fees should it b...

Video materials for IELTS test preparation

Explore comprehensive IELTS resources including exam tips, preparation videos, FAQs, and contact details for test-takers.

IELTS - The test that opens doors around the world General/

IELTS: A globally recognized English test for study, work, and migration. Offering Academic and General Training formats, with accessibility options.

Cambridge English: Results Sharing & Certificate Guide

Easily share your Cambridge English exam results and manage certificates. Understand your scores with the CEFR and Cambridge English Scale. Learn about result s...

Cambridge English Placement Test - Accurate English level assessment Test/

Discover your English level with the Cambridge English Placement Test. Accurate, reliable and fast results. Ideal for companies and institutions.

B2 First (FCE) Exam - Cambridge English Qualification | Prepare and Pass with Confidence First (FCE)/

Ace the B2 First (FCE) exam with our expert resources and personalized guidance. Boost your language skills and career opportunities today.

Frequently Asked Questions - English Exam Centre

Get answers to your questions on exams, courses, test dates, preparation materials, and more on our FAQ page

Pre A1 Starters Exam: Young Learners' First Steps in English A1 Starters/

The Pre A1 Starters exam helps young learners take their first steps in English. Get all the information you need to prepare for success.

Master the IELTS General: Your Gateway to Global Opportunities - General/

The IELTS General exam assesses English proficiency for work and migration. It tests listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Private candidates

We provide Cambridge English Exams on the computer and on paper in most major cities in Portugal. Please check the calendar for location details.

IELTS Exam Portugal - Academic | Register Now - Academic/

Prepare for the IELTS Academic Exam in Portugal. Find upcoming exam dates, registration details, and preparation tips.

Cambridge English C1 Advanced (CAE) Exam | Get Ahead in Your Language Goals Advanced (CAE)/

Get ahead with Cambridge English C1 Advanced (CAE) exam. Achieve your language goals with our internationally recognized qualification.

Cambridge English: Supporting Schools & Teachers

Discover how Cambridge English Qualifications can support your school and teachers in achieving English language learning success. Enquire today.


Welcome to our exclusive online platform, proudly representing Cambridge University Press & Assessment in Portugal. On this dedicated webpage, students ...

Test your English - For Schools Schools/

Boost school students' English skills with our interactive online quizzes, designed for learning and fun!

Get ready for your Exam Day! ready for your Exam Day/

Master your Cambridge English exam with confidence! Get ready for a smooth exam day experience, expert tips, and access to official materials.

Linguaskill General Test: Online Test for English Language Skills General/

Discover the LinguaSkill General Test, the online test that measures your English language skills for work, study or migration.

Our products - B2 First Trainer - € 40.67 First Trainer/

Maximize your B2 First exam score with Cambridge University Press' Trainer. Six practice tests, exam guidance, and language exercises for success.

Linguaskill Business Exam | Cambridge English Business/

Assess your employees' English language skills with Linguaskill Business, a quick and accurate online test. Boost your business with Cambridge English.

C2 Proficiency (CPE) Exam | Cambridge English Proficiency (CPE)/

Demonstrate your mastery of English with the C2 Proficiency (CPE) exam from Cambridge English. Available in locations worldwide.

Computer Based Testing - English Exam Centre

Experience the convenience and flexibility of computer-based exams with faster results and secure testing environment

Workplace English Language Usage Survey

Unlock your English potential with our Workplace Language Proficiency Survey and explore free diagnostic tests!

Cambridge English B1 Preliminary Exam (PET) in Portugal Preliminary (PET)/

Prepare for the Cambridge English B1 Preliminary (PET) exam and reach your goals with confidence. Learn all about the exam and preparation options on our website.

News - What is Cambridge English? is Cambridge English?

Cambridge English is a department of the University of Cambridge and is responsible for creating and delivering exams, qualification...

Test your English - Young Learners Learners/

Discover fun and educational English tests for young learners, designed to make learning English exciting!

Ace the B2 First Exam with Cambridge English Test&Train B2 First/

Prepare for the B2 First exam with Cambridge English Test&Train, the ultimate online study tool for success.

Our products - IELTS General Trainer - € 43.73 General Trainer/

Achieve your best possible score with the IELTS General Trainer. Comprehensive, expert guidance to prepare for the IELTS exam.

Think Level 5 Workbook - English Exam Centre Level 5 Workbook/

Get ready for the B2 exam with the Think Level 5 Workbook. Develop your language skills with engaging exercises and boost your confidence!

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