Cambridge English C1 Advanced: The Top Choice for English

Cambridge English C1 Advanced: The Top Choice for English
Published April 08, 2024

When it comes to proving English language proficiency, taking the C1 Advanced (CAE) exam at English Exam Centre is not just doing a test—it's an experience that paves the way to success. Our recent satisfaction survey speaks volumes, with 99 test takers choosing C1 Advanced, and a striking 95% expressing high satisfaction, underscoring our commitment to helping our candidates in their journey to demonstrating their language mastery.

Experience the C1 Advanced Difference

Why do C1 Advanced (CAE) candidates like Miguel Mendes and Beatriz Aranda speak so highly of their experience at our centre? It's the blend of cutting-edge testing technology and the warmth of human support. Our computer-based exam system is acclaimed for its efficiency and ease of use, providing a comfortable setting that candidates recommend wholeheartedly.

The experience of taking the CAE on a computer was excellent, and I highly recommend it to anyone considering sitting for this exam.

Miguel Mendes - Instituto Superior Técnico student in Lisbon

Unmatched Service, Unforgettable Impressions

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the exam room. Testimonials from across our exam spectrum reflect a consistent theme—exceptional service. Prompt delivery of results, the convenience of completing all components in a single day, and the supportive environment are just a few aspects that our test takers commend.

It's important to highlight the support and commitment of the team at the English Exam Centre in the pre-exam phase and in providing information and guidance to clients at all stages of the process.

Beatriz Aranda - C1 Advanced Candidate

Tailored to Your Schedule

Our centre stands out with a unique offeringsame-day completion of both written and oral components of the C1 Advanced (CAE) exam. This convenience is complemented by more frequent exam dates than other exam centres, ensuring that you can find a time that fits your busy schedule. With the Cambridge English Advanced Digital exam, you can enrol later and receive your results more quickly than ever before. This way you can do your exam when you are ready and receive your results in time for any important application deadlines.

From Enrolment to Success: A Seamless Journey

Begin your exam preparation with our streamlined enrolment process, accessible payment options, and a wealth of resources at your fingertips. And when you need guidance, Professor Percival, your AI digital concierge, dons the role of your personal guide, available around the clock at Professor Percival's Page.

Professor Percival
Professor Percival

Join the Circle of Success

You too can embrace the opportunities that C1 Advanced (CAE) can unlock, much like INOV Contacto candidates Joana and Nuno, who ventured into exciting new chapters in London and Peru. Let their stories inspire your next step.

We wanted to let you know that both of us have entered the INOV Contacto programme 😄😄 thank you very much for your support and kindness during this process! Without a doubt, you've been a person who came into our lives and throughout this journey has left a positive impact.

Joana has been placed in the United Kingdom, in London and couldn't be happier! She will have the chance to practise English as she has always wanted and to live in a vibrant and diverse city. I have been placed in Lima, Peru, and it will be another adventure through South America!

Joana and Nuno - INOV Contacto candidates

By the Numbers: A Vote of Confidence

The figures tell a story of trust and excellence: 25% of our candidates breezed through B2 First (FCE), while the C1 Advanced (FCE) exam led with 42% of participants, boasting a rate of 99% positive reviews that eclipses all others. 

We also proudly boast an average of 99% of all positive reviews against 1% of reviews with some negative points.

Reviews per exam

With a satisfaction level where 97.47% of the survey takers were either satisfied or very satisfied with their experience. Only 0.42% were dissatisfied with their experience.

Satisfaction levels

Not to mention the fact that an overwhelming majority of our test takers would recommend our centre, a testament to the positive experiences they've enjoyed.

Would you recommend others to do their exam with us?

Ready to Advance?

Discover why English Exam Centre is the leading choice for C1 Advanced (CAE). With superior service, optimal exam conditions, and support that makes a difference, we're here to facilitate your academic and professional journey.

Take the next step and secure your place in our upcoming C1 Advanced (CAE) sessions. Visit C1 Advanced Exam Dates and join a community where excellence is not just promised—it's delivered. 

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