1. A3 🠊 in 3 letters
    (noun) a round container, usually used for storing things or for cooking
  2. A9 🠋 in 7 letters
    (noun) a room or building that contains a collection of books and other written material that you can read or borrow
  3. A10 🠊 in 3 letters
    (noun) water that has frozen and become solid
  4. A14 🠊 in 3 letters
    (noun) a soft piece of material used to cover the floor
  5. A20 🠊 in 5 letters
    (noun) a common plant with narrow green leaves that grows close to the ground
  6. A22 🠊 in 5 letters
    (noun) a basic food made by mixing flour, water and sometimes yeast
  7. A24 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) a building or room with equipment for doing exercises
  8. A24 🠊 in 4 letters
    (noun) the part of a fence or outside wall that opens and closes like a door
  9. A26 🠊 in 3 letters
    (noun) a large cup with straight sides used for hot drinks
  10. B2 🠋 in 6 letters
    (noun) a team game played on grass where you hit a small ball with a long, curved stick
  11. B6 🠊 in 8 letters
    (noun) when you show that two amounts are equal using mathematical symbols
  12. B17 🠋 in 6 letters
    (noun) a piece of glass with a shiny metallic material on one side which produces an image of anything that is in front of it
  13. B17 🠊 in 3 letters
    (noun) an adult male human being
  14. C9 🠋 in 4 letters
    (noun) a structure made of metal poles and cloth which is fixed to the ground with ropes and used as a cover or to sleep under
  15. D4 🠋 in 5 letters
    (noun) a building where people live, usually one family or group
  16. D19 🠋 in 7 letters
    (adjective) feeling guilty or embarrassed about something you have done
  17. E3 🠊 in 11 letters
    (noun) the study of ancient cultures by looking for and examining their buildings, tools, and other objects
  18. E9 🠊 in 9 letters
    (noun) a space in the wall of a room where you can have a fire, or the structure around this space
  19. E16 🠊 in 7 letters
    (noun) a half circle of seven colours that you see in the sky when rain is falling and the sun is shining
  20. E26 🠊 in 3 letters
    (noun) an oval object with a hard shell that contains a baby bird, insect or other creature
  21. F8 🠋 in 4 letters
    (noun) a hand closed into a ball with the fingers and thumb curled tightly together
  22. F15 🠋 in 4 letters
    (noun) a group of musicians who play modern music together
  23. F18 🠊 in 5 letters
    (noun) someone who behaves badly.
  24. F24 🠊 in 9 letters
    (noun) a book or list of names, numbers, or other facts
  25. G13 🠊 in 5 letters
    (noun) a tropical fruit that has a green skin and is orange inside
  26. G18 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) one of the two organs in your face, which you use to see with
  27. G22 🠋 in 5 letters
    (verb) to move smoothly backwards and forwards, or to make something do this
  28. H11 🠋 in 4 letters
    (noun) a flat, green part of a plant that grows from a stem or branch
  29. H11 🠊 in 4 letters
    (noun) a young sheep, or the flesh of a young sheep eaten as meat
  30. H21 🠊 in 3 letters
    (noun) a container made of paper, plastic, leather, etc., used for carrying things
  31. I5 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) a small, black or red insect that lives in groups on the ground
  32. I21 🠋 in 6 letters
    (adjective) sleeping or not awake
  33. I26 🠊 in 3 letters
    (noun) a type of food made with meat, vegetables, or fruit covered in pastry and baked
  34. J15 🠋 in 4 letters
    (noun) a round, deep dish used for holding soup and other food
  35. K5 🠋 in 5 letters
    (noun) a food that is made from flour, water and sometimes eggs, and comes in many different shapes
  36. K11 🠋 in 4 letters
    (noun) a set of pages fastened together inside a cover for people to read
  37. K20 🠊 in 6 letters
    (noun) a man who works in a restaurant, bringing food to customers
  38. K22 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) a small animal with fur, four legs and a tail that is kept as a pet
  39. L17 🠊 in 11 letters
    (noun) a journey to a place to find out about something
  40. M9 🠋 in 7 letters
    (noun) an object such as a painting that is shown to the public
  41. M19 🠋 in 7 letters
    (noun) a place where aircraft regularly take off and land, with buildings for passengers to wait in
  42. M22 🠊 in 7 letters
    (noun) someone whose job is to deliver and collect letters and parcels that are sent by post
  43. N3 🠋 in 5 letters
    (noun) a container made of glass that is used for drinking
  44. N6 🠊 in 6 letters
    (noun) If you have or take a shower, you wash your whole body while standing under a flow of water.
  45. O13 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) a sweet food made with fruit and sugar that you can put on bread
  46. O14 🠊 in 8 letters
    (noun) the people who sit and watch a performance at a theatre, cinema, etc.
  47. O25 🠊 in 6 letters
    (noun) a container with an open top and a handle, often used for carrying liquids
  48. P4 🠊 in 4 letters
    (noun) a small, green animal with long back legs for jumping that lives in or near water
  49. P9 🠋 in 4 letters
    (noun) a glass object which produces light from electricity
  50. P12 🠊 in 6 letters
    (noun) a container for liquids, usually made of glass or plastic, with a narrow top
  51. P24 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) the large, bright star that shines in the sky during the day and provides light and heat for the Earth, or the light and heat that comes from the sun
  52. Q3 🠋 in 6 letters
    (noun) a box-shaped container without a top which is part of a piece of furniture. It slides in and out to open and close and is used for keeping things in.
  53. R9 🠋 in 4 letters
    (noun) one of the two flat parts on the ends of your legs that you stand on
  54. R21 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) a picture that shows where countries, towns, roads, rivers, etc. are
  55. S2 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) an animal with fur, four legs and a tail, especially kept by people as a pet or to hunt or guard buildings
  56. S2 🠊 in 7 letters
    (noun) the weapons and military forces that a country uses to protect itself against attack
  57. S8 🠊 in 3 letters
    (noun) a road vehicle with an engine, four wheels, and seats for a small number of people
  58. S24 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) a small afternoon meal of sandwiches, cakes, biscuits, etc. and tea to drink
  59. T5 🠊 in 3 letters
    (noun) a piece of furniture that you sleep on
  60. T11 🠋 in 5 letters
    (noun) a living thing that grows in the soil or water and has leaves and roots, especially one that is smaller than a tree
  61. U2 🠋 in 7 letters
    (noun) a large container operated by electricity in which food can be frozen and stored
  62. U19 🠊 in 6 letters
    (noun) the season of the year between summer and winter, when leaves fall from the trees
  63. U24 🠊 in 4 letters
    (noun) a round, hollow musical instrument that you hit with your hand or a stick
  64. V13 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) a long, thin object that you use to write or draw in ink
  65. V13 🠊 in 3 letters
    (noun) a large pink, brown or black farm animal with short legs and a curved tail, kept for its meat
  66. V21 🠋 in 4 letters
    (noun) a flat object, often fixed at one edge, that is used to close the entrance of something such as a room or building, or the entrance itself
  67. V26 🠊 in 5 letters
    (noun) a game that two people play by moving differently shaped pieces around a board of black and white squares
  68. W6 🠋 in 6 letters
    (noun) a show in which a group of people and animals perform in a large tent
  69. W6 🠊 in 4 letters
    (noun) a crop of grain, or the seed from this crop used to make flour or feed animals
  70. W8 🠊 in 4 letters
    (noun) a round piece of jewellery that you wear on your finger
  71. W11 🠊 in 4 letters
    (noun) a large boat that carries people or goods by sea
  72. W16 🠊 in 3 letters
    (noun) a square or rectangular container
  73. X15 🠋 in 8 letters
    (noun) a small flying insect that sucks your blood, sometimes causing malaria
  74. Y1 🠋 in 9 letters
    (noun) a substance that you put on your body to prevent or hide unpleasant smells
  75. Z10 🠋 in 5 letters
    (noun) an object with a handle and a round, curved part at one end, used for eating and serving food
  76. Z17 🠋 in 10 letters
    (noun) dark glasses that you wear to protect your eyes from the sun


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